10 HIGH GROWTH Stocks to Buy NOW!? | Stock Market Headed HIGHER?


23 thoughts on “10 HIGH GROWTH Stocks to Buy NOW!? | Stock Market Headed HIGHER?

  1. I bought my mac book pro refurbished for less than 900 ..not new, but works pretty good in my personal experience so far.

  2. Just noticed that ARK's position in SLACK is almost half a billion, but stock is moving in wrong direction 🙂

  3. You're always looking for the right Buy in price I was wondering what your thoughts are on daily dollar cost averaging?

  4. Get that MacBook if you can get a deal with trade in…etc It looked pretty sick!! I'm just adding more. Almost got into SHOP and BABA. Thank god I didn't! Thanks for the breakdown Stas! Always love hearing your thoughts at the end of the day. Good advice at the end too!

  5. I been learning alot from your videos. Your discord gotta a lot of people with helpful info as well.

  6. From Canaccord capital market about OpenLearning ASX: $OLL
    OLL’s offering is scalable across multiple regions, is differentiated from its competitors, solves for current customer pain points in the market and has multiple use cases that are in the early stages of monetisation. We initiate on OLL with a SPECULATIVE BUY rating and a $0.50/share price target..

    Stock Price And chart

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