21 Savage Beefing With NBA Youngboy After buying Car For King Von's Sister?? Buys her a Range Rover


35 thoughts on “21 Savage Beefing With NBA Youngboy After buying Car For King Von's Sister?? Buys her a Range Rover

  1. How would it be a snake move to fuck with von sister like that long he taken care of her what would it matter

  2. Yeah 21 did it for clout him and Von was not tight now if durk did then i would be like yeah thats real shit but what he did was not real on his behalf the only reason he did is to benefit his self and get his name popping on the internet … That car was a investment .. Come on now just think about it …

  3. Why Von ain't been by his sister a car…. He split 100k with them oblock niggas but them the same niggas that left you by yourself when he got smoked


  5. Why TF would he do that for??? Something real weird about how the sis is moving. I mean how she know who leaked the autopsy pic?? Side eyeing everybody. So she dated the ops brother?? Somebody make this make sense to me please. Did king Von have a will?? Doubt it. They only give felons distribution deals. That’s what separates the record deals and distribution deals. TF you talking about sir.

  6. These young niggas aint gonna get it together hard to believe these cats rich and lack so much wisdom and knowledge

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  8. I dont really rock with 21 savage but idky people hatin on him this was good thing he did and everyone tryin make him look bad u got respect hes hustle and prayers Von and hes family

  9. May GOD, continue to bless all of you. 21 savage I need a car . Through me a blessing before I die . Love ya'll

  10. Fans need to find a way to get they money up and stop worrying about a grown man and world would be a better place if black society would find there own business facts.

  11. Young boy had some real beef that he didn't want j prince lil hittas lol these niggas be playn duck duck goose with they beef

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