1. Fantastic video ❤️Being someone who always looks for opportunities to diversify and hold good investment in different portfolios, meeting Mr Davies O'Brien was a deal breaker for me (Now, we all know the saying about trading BITCOIN and the financial markets generally) but Mr Davies O'Brien is more like a myth buster. Trading/investing bitcoin with his guidance is very easy and highly profitable because of his strategy PRICE ACTION MARGIN which i find 90% accurate to generate trade signals and yields good profit on trading, with which i use in growing my portfolio to 6.5 btc with my initial 0.8 btc in 5 weeks of active day trading with his strategy. I will advice all traders/investors to look into trading as the market is bullishing and its still not late time to day trade those little coins you have and you can still buy little and grow your coins with Mr Davies daily signals. Mr Davies O'Brien makes you learn while earning massively. He can be contacted via whatsapp +44 7723 173885 and telegram @daviesbrien for crypto inclined concerns.

  2. Your channel is so underrated I think, you deserve a lot more subs. Today I sold 11 puts for draftking received $2,250 in premium, it’s nut to me just thinking about it 🤪😂

  3. My friend bought 100 shares when it was at $12. I told him last week to sell it when it was at $30 but he didn't. I wish I would've bought sooner😭

  4. So the vaccine its not out yet an the market gets crazy bc someople assume its coming they keep saying the same thing over an over again if you watch closely an see the reaction of the market an predict the price you make some money on puts

  5. Ngl I was debating if I should sell my nio stocks because on Sunday I heard ppl kept saying it was going to drop but I went with my gut and kept it and don’t regret it at all so far I have 13 shares in it. Nio takes up 40 percent of my portfolio but I’m rlly confident it will do higher long term

  6. Love the information given in this channel, always on point. I’m riding the 🚀 long term with this with you.

  7. I made the same decision of going all in this morning with nio before even watching your video. I was leaning towards buying 100 shares and selling covered calls, but instead sold two puts at $43 and $44 strike price. Hope I don't regret my decision lol

  8. If you are going to be selling covered calls on NIO, you have to sell them deeeeep OTM. I have a CC expiring this Friday at the 52 strike. I have had to roll my calls several times, because the way the stock is moving.

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