Best Buy Employee Absolutely Wrecks Shoplifter


49 thoughts on “Best Buy Employee Absolutely Wrecks Shoplifter

  1. Is this guy an idiot, she wound up helpless with her shirt over her head on her back while he escaped. You really think she got him to leave, idiot he was bailing the cops are coming. To me, this shows how to let a thief escape, and a fat girl on the ground is a useless chunk of weight, she doesn't fight on, she quits and puts her shirt on. What the fuck are you watching. 40 yrs aiki jiu jitsu says the thief won, 3 employees couldn't stop him. Wtf

  2. I disagree with John. With John, it is mostly, let it go, let it go, let it go… There will be a next time because he will try it again. The thief will think up a better plan. This is the problem with John's point of view. It is always for the moment.

  3. Some one please ansewr me do they have the right to grab you?? I tought they didn't cuz of the law i also tought the store has insurance on items and are they able to touch u once ur outside the store how does it work its interesting??

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