Compared: Tacoma vs Tundra – Watch This Before You Buy a Toyota Truck!


22 thoughts on “Compared: Tacoma vs Tundra – Watch This Before You Buy a Toyota Truck!

  1. I always hated this channel. These guys think people are stupid and won't do there own research before buying a truck

  2. Tundra….! Is just better. Got power when needed to tow, inside is just huge and you can be all comfy on long trips.

    Still I like the Tacoma also lol

  3. I own a tundra. I got a 2020 tacoma v6 limited with less than 500 miles on it as a service loaner car. The tacoma was so small, no power no growling horrible throttle response. The bed was pathetic. It was hardly 4 feet. TUNDRA hands down

  4. If you don’t know which one to get. You don’t need either of them. You don’t need a truck. You just wanna be a guy or gal with a truck. A Corolla or Rav4 is probably what you should get.

  5. Bought a 2020 sr5 cash 4×4. I love the interior because it’s exactly what you need and nothing too flashy. The quality control that Toyota does is unreal. I wouldn’t be against having a ford diesel but would never buy any other new truck brand. Just my opinion and my money that I don’t really wanna gamble with on other brands

  6. Блять, я не пойму этот акцент. Он русский что ли?

  7. Why stop at 400 HP? Why not stick a turbine engine in there and go for even 1000+ HP? Isn't it better to get 1 mile per gallon then 5 miles per gallon?

  8. En órden de durabilidad, como clasificarían el segmento? Esto es, la Tundra y su competencia?

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