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Firstly, I want to give props to u/filterface for posting the original DD which can be found here . CROX price was $47 on that day and closed @ $51.10 today with ZERO red days amongst all the volatility and selling since then.

Peter Lynch always preached investing in products/services you use and are fond of before the big money boomers catch on. Crocs will be next. Crox will continue to rise until October 27 Earnings Report and then explode when new guidance is issued. In 2018, Crocs announced they would stop making Crocs in-house in Mexico and Italy. All manufacturing was outsourced. Shortly after, Crocs had a collaboration with Post Malone and the movement was born.

Google Trends Chart from 10/2018 to Current Day based on Worldwide Searches. Post Malone Collaboration announced in November 2018.

Important Past Events to Consider:

Post Malone Collab – 2018 to Current – 4 Collabs

CNN Article about Post Malone Collab being SOLD OUT in Two Hours.

Latest Post Malone Collaboration at end of 2019 – Sold out in Two Hours – Reselling on StockX @ an average premium of 50%. Other installments of the collab are reselling at a much higher price!

Bad Bunny Collab – September 2020

New York Times Article about Bad Bunny Collab being SOLD OUT in 16 Minutes.

Sold out in 16 Minutes – Reselling on StockX @ a premium of 275%.

Just Bieber Collab – October 2020

ABC News Article about Just Bieber Collab being SOLD OUT in 90 Minutes.

Sold out in 90 minutes. Why did it take so long? The website CRASHED multiple times. Reselling on StockX @ a premium of 37%

COVID-19 – March 2020

Crocs Has Donated 860k Pairs since Covid Began

This is very important because Crocs are the preferred shoe choice of our healthcare workers across America on the front lines of Covid. Many hospitals buy Crocs in bulk to distribute freely to their medical professionals. You can see the tremendous interest on Google Trends once Covid hit. As the second wave hits, states and European countries that had relatively fewer cases have begun to see cases rise much faster and higher than originally anticipated.

The Catalysts for Price Explosion in $CROX

Previous to the collaborations, only weirdos and boomers wore Crocs, now Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha are pushing the trend on Social Media

Date Earnings Estimate Reported Earnings
10/27/2020 $.68 (LOL) $1.35 (My Estimate)
7/30/2020 $0.14 $1.01
4/23/2020 $0.36 $0.22
2/27/2020 $0.07 $0.12
10/30/2019 $0.41 $0.57
8/1/2019 $0.48 $0.55
5/7/2019 $0.25 $0.36
2/28/2019 ($0.22) ($0.10)
11/8/2018 ($0.02) $0.07
8/7/2018 $0.27 $0.53


Real Life DD — Why I’m All In on $CROX going into 10/27 Earnings

I visited a local mall today in New Jersey and guess which store was the only one that was packed with a line to get in?

r/wallstreetbets - $CROX - Crocs are the biggest Fashion Trend of 2020

Socially Distanced Line Awaiting Entrance into Crocs Store @ Mall

I looked around, bought 2 pairs of Crocs for a great deal of BUY ONE, GET ONE FOR 25 PERCENT OFF and waited in line to check out. It was then.. when I was astounded at what I saw next.

r/wallstreetbets - $CROX - Crocs are the biggest Fashion Trend of 2020


I had no idea what in the flying fuck JIBBITZ were before I walked into the store. They are little customizable charms that you can attach inside the holes on your CROCS! They seem to cost almost nothing to manufacture but are priced $3.99 and up. So many kids were clamored around this little JIBBITZ booth picking out dozens of JIBBITZ for their parents to buy. It was incredible. A little piece of shit plastic rubber charm to put on your ugly Crocs is selling for $3.99. It was here when I realized that I had to YOLO everything into Crocs and increase my original position.


Opening $CROX 11/20 55 CALL @ Market Open Tomorrow

Opening $CROX 11/20 60 CALL @ Market Open Tomorrow

Holding $CROX 11/20 65 Call @ .83 (Original Position after u/filterface original DD Post)

Buying $CROX 200 Shares @ Premarket Open Tomorrow, Limit Price $51.75


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