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We are an Authorized
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Family Footwear Center is family-owned and run and has been in the business for over 27 years.

We pride ourselves on the quality of shoes that we carry, and Dansko is one of our biggest sellers, both online and in our 5 store locations.

This is because Dansko makes the most comfortable clog shoes for all working professionals, as well as making an expansive line of relaxed sneaker styles, fashion boots and trendy sandals for everyday wear and weekend wear.

As an Authorized Dansko Retailer, Family Footwear Center is able to provide you with a great selection of the most popular Dansko Clogs, Mules, Dansko Fashion Boots, Dansko Sneakers, Dansko Sandals, and even Dansko Shoes and Clogs for Men. We also carry many Specialty and Limited Editions Danskos that are hard to find, along with Dansko’s latest, most popular styles.

Our Dansko Outlet is the Best Place to Shop for Dansko Clogs

With so many different Dansko Shoes to look at, deciding which collection would suit your needs, as a first-time Dansko customer, may seem daunting and confusing.

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to help straighten all that out for you. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have, regarding Dansko’s European sizing and their unique clog fit!

Dansko Collections

Every Dansko Product will tell you what collection it is from right above its bullet list of features.

Dansko is known for making a variety of Style Collections, each collection having its own specific fit, as well as its own set of features.
So, if you like the way one shoe fits in a collection, you can be sure all the other shoes in that collection will feel just as good on your feet!

Many of our customers find they are more partial to the way one of the Dansko collections fits over another. 

*Insider Tip*

If you want to buy someone a pair of Danskos as a gift, knowing their favorite Dansko Collection can be super helpful.
Since all the shoes in a collection have the same structured build and feel, your gift will have the comfort and fit they already love!


Dansko Nursing Shoes

Dansko Nursing Shoes are a favorite of Nurses all across the USA, because they are comfortable shoes for those who have to work long 12 hour shifts on their feet.

Dansko XP 2.0 Clogs

Medical professionals especially love the XP 2.0, which are made to be extra lightweight and have certified Slip-Resistant Outsoles. They have modern Rocker Bottom Outsoles that help propel them forward as they walk, preventing foot fatigue.

The clogs in the XP 2.0 collections also have removable, softly padded insoles that cushion the feet, while the heel counters allow for their feet to move freely up and down as they walk.

The XP 2.0 clogs have earned APMA’s Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health.

To score a great deal, look for Dansko’s discontinued styles on sale on our Dansko Clearance Page.
Family Footwear Center offers Danskos that discontinued , yet still in high demand, all at our low discount sale prices.

If you do not see the exact style you are looking for on our website, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Team with the style number, size and color you need and we will do our very best to help you find that shoe.

Danskos are a Great Choice for these Professions:

Nurses, Medical Professionals, Chefs, Kitchen Staff, Waiters, Waitresses, Professors and Teachers, and anyone that works long 12 hour shifts on their feet, or that needs Certified Slip Resistant Footwear that is both comfortable and supportive. 

These are just a handful of the professionals who choose to wear Dansko Clogs.

Being Certified by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) means that the footwear has been certified as being healthy for your feet!

List of Dansko’s APMA Certified Collections:


If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoes that can take on long grueling 12 hour work shifts, then Dansko’s the brand for you. 

As one of the most famous and recognizable shoe brands in the world, Dansko’s popularity has soared over the years. Their nationwide warehouse facility boasts an impressive 200,000 sq.ft. and serves as their distribution center, located right in the heart of Pennsylvania.

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