Dont buy an Ender 3 or Prusa 3D Printer until you watch this video!


27 thoughts on “Dont buy an Ender 3 or Prusa 3D Printer until you watch this video!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. A lot of my friends want to print like I do… but they don’t want to hear about the nitty gritty of calibration, filaments, firmware, main boards, the wind in the room, the humidity, the temperature…. hahahah… I think we can all relate. I always recommend it only to people who I know have time (no kids) and are capable of learning.

  2. Heres some things you should think about before buying a 3d printer you mentioned.
    Now your starting to cook again. What is alloud to be done?
    Is the comunity being shown how to pay royalties? Is it enabled?
    If i am expert should i take over?
    Is it easyer to advise for free or do it yourself? What is my doller value? Vs What is my comunity value?
    Is this a old comunity with well set up systems or new with having barely invented the wheel?
    How many licence checks for prints have i searched because i want to make money? Does the comunity know how to look for them and what to look for?
    Date of creation oldest first and other important info to look for.
    Do i have to become an influencer to help marry money to comunity?
    What if i post right here right now!
    Be Well from Will and Mr Data 🙂 :]

  3. Joe I have been printing with my ender 3 for over a year now with zero problems and you've even mentioned my printer in your Kickstarter and I have had excellent excellent reviews over it I have also helped three other people fix theirs because they assembled it wrong most the time it's user error and it's easily overcame if you would just slow down and do some research chep has the most amazing support for this printer.

  4. Hi, nice video and refreshing perspective!!! Would appreciate your advice Professor or others?

    So I am a young person of colour, who also has a physical disability. I got into 3D printing in March. I was a bit worried as fixing stuff is a bit tough for me. I went for Anycubic i3 mega, and yes did take a while to get used to levelling the bed and fixing a few issues here and there. Overall v happy with printer and Anycubic service.

    I have a question though, I find it physically hard to remove supports with just snips/don't trust myself with craft knife. Maybe my settings aren't dialed in.

    Is going for an IDEX (dual extrusion) printer just the wrong way about approaching this problem (using breakaway supports or HIPS/PVA)?

    Is there any IDEX under £1000 which would work reliably enough to make it worth it. Or is IDEX such a pain and considering my limited ability to repair and tinker that it's just not viable? I was thinking of maybe Robox Dual (I'm from UK where they are based)

  5. What I think is a big advantage of a Prusa is that they can print just about any material. I assume those $400 plug and play printers aren't as versatile when it comes to that.

  6. I agree with the Flashforge Adventurer 3 i simply love it.
    I've got my self a B2X300 to be able to do some multi material prints, how ever i already invested over 30 hours just in the assembly and calibration while not even having all wires tagged away neatly. – I still have to put a lot of work into it until i can call this printer ready and actually compare it to the Adventurer 3.

    It works no question, but i thought about an analogy.
    The Adventurer 3 is like listening to a MP3, simple, just works and in general terms provides a good quality.
    Some DIY Printer such as the B2X300 is like listening to vinily records. Its more about the feeling of the ritual to get it working than actually listening to music, or in this case printing things. The quality can be gorgeous if you have a good system, but its only as good as you make it.

  7. I started with an Ender 3 and later got a prusa mini. The mini is like 3 parts you put together and done. I would say getting an ender is like buying a car to make turbo. A prusa a is like getting a new car and you add some upgrades.

  8. My first printer was a Kossel kit. I snapped one of the erector arms shortly after plugging it in. I took a year off. Then I got a cube 3 (DRM trash), followed by 6 mini deltas and two i3 Megas. Been printing for 8 years and I love every moment of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the same room as an Ender 3 lol

  9. i have an ender 3 and an ender 5. the ender 5 is way better and not much more money. both were easy to build..

  10. I think the best thing about 3d printing is the community we have trying help each other. There are reddits for almost every printer and people are willing to help. I got a used ender 3 as my first printer and man I had to go through some trouble to get it to work. My problem was my prints were coming out super weak breaking as you breathe on it. Turns out I was under extruding, and at the time I had no idea what extruding even meant and I had to do a lot of research to finally figure it out but now it seems so trivial. I wish I knew I could just take a picture put it on reddit and someone would tell me what was wrong 😅 but it still felt good that I got it fixed.

  11. A great video, Joe! Ender 3 is so far my go to printer, steppting out of Anet A8 which I gave away and Tronxy X5S which is rotting in the corner not working.. It is hit and miss. Even with the Ender 3 that I got it is certainly not all perfect, I'm having jams quite often and because of that I don't dare to print a 24h+ print. The frustration is still there and I would love to have a printer that just works.

  12. Check out resin joe! Goobertown hobbies brett is a chemist and goes over resin printing safety in exhaustive detail in a recent video

  13. Saw the title and thought, "OK, Prof, I'll bite." Then you answered the question I didn't hear asked. I'll be looking at Flashforge: I'd rather learn the art/science first, and that way I'll know better what second printer I might need to hack to meet my specs. BTW, I saw your Kywoo review, and it looks like a strong contender. Thanks kindly for helping out a complete noob.

  14. I can agree with you on this. My first printer was a CTC clone of the Prusa I3 B it was a nightmare but I did learn a lot trying to "FIX" it then I got a Ender 3 what a blessing it was after I put it to gather what I learned from the first one made the Ender look like a dream with little fiddling and tweaking it worked like a charm first time.

  15. I agree the printers need to mature and prices need to come down, so they are more accessible for the general community.

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