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HAFLINGER have made it their mission to craft that is designed to pamper your feet. HAFLINGER shoes and HAFLINGER slippers define comfort and easy-to-wear simplicity, in beautiful designs that turn heads everywhere you wear them.

HAFLINGER are truly the go-to experts in the world of wool and slippers. This German brand is famous for its boiled wool slippers, made of light and lofty knit wool (breathable and flexible), wool felt clogs which are a little more sturdy compared to the lighter, knit boiled wool, but also better insulators and even more durable. HAFLINGER also fields a variety of extremely comfortable leather sandals, sheepskin slippers and wool felt slippers. Their selection is amongst the most popular in Europe and the US. Creatively blending comfort, style, quality finishes and multi-functional use, HAFLINGER shoes and HAFLINGER slippers really set the standard in all-season at-home footwear. The versatile designs found in this collection work perfectly with your wardrobe, and have great functionality which make them an integral part of our best mens slippers and best womens slippers collections.

Why HAFLINGER slippers?

Let’s take a quick look at 5 reasons why HAFLINGER slippers should be your ultimate choice of footwear in any season.

The average adult easily spends up to 16 hours a day on their feet, on any given day. Sometimes it’s more than 16 hours, and sometimes it’s less. During that time, your feet bear your weight and carry you through the most basic functions of the day, all the while enclosed in some form of slipper, sandal or shoe. With this in mind, you realize that it’s so important that you keep your feet well-supported in your choice of footwear.

In HAFLINGER slippers…

  • …your toes will rest comfortably without being squeezed.
  • …your foot will be comfortably secured in the slipper, without uncomfortable rolling or sliding within the shoe.
  • …your feet will be properly ventilated thanks to the breathability of our natural and natural-grade wool, leather and sheepskin.
  • …your feet will be protected against the cold in winter because boiled wool and wool felt are great insulators.
  • …you can take some of the slippers outside on quick strolls or keep them on during a quick jog to the mailbox. 

Another way to ensure a comfortable fit is to know your shoe size. If you need help on sizing HAFLINGER shoes and HAFLINGER slippers, especially if you want to know if a particular model runs wide/narrow, don’t hesitate to contact our handy online support using the link at the bottom of the page.

Made of natural materials

From wool to woolfelt, shearling to leather: Everything used to make the HAFLINGER slippers is natural-grade. In fact, wool felt, which makes up a huge number of HAFLINGER slippers and clogs, is one of the most Eco-friendly felt choice in the market, because it is made from pure wool. HAFLINGER supports sustainable living and uses all natural materials and processes in making our clogs and slippers.

That’s not all: Almost all the materials used in crafting HAFLINGER slippers (right down to the sewing thread used) are sourced from Germany. Production of the shoes is done in Europe, to keep the process as close to the source and as sustainable as possible. This goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint over the earth. So if you’re keen on sustainability and conscious living, then buying HAFLINGER slippers helps you support this noble cause.

Orthopedic Insole and Arch Support

The arches of our feet are responsible for absorbing impact as we walk all day long. Arches take the brunt of the pressure exerted on our feet with each stride. So ensuring that your footwear provides good arch support is really important for posture support, walking gait and ultimately to avoid leg and spine complications in the long-term.

When it comes to arch support, you can’t go wrong with HAFLINGER slippers and shoes. The now famous anatomically shaped footbed and insole has been developed in collaboration with experts from the PFH- Private University of Applied Sciences in Gottingen (Hochschule für Orthobionik), to ensure that the inbuilt arch support is right for your feet.

HAFLINGER Slippers are Breathable

Did you know that your feet have 250,000 sweat glands, that are capable of producing half a pint of sweat in a day? So if your feet are going to be in the confines of shoes 50% of the day, you really want to make sure that you’re wearing breathable footwear. Not in the sense of inhaling and exhaling: breathability in footwear refers to the ability of the fabric of the shoes to allow movement of air and water vapor (aka your sweat) through it. Breathability creates a well ventilated environment for your feet within the shoes, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. HAFLINGER slippers are all crafted from breathable materials like woolfelt, sheepskin and leather; so No Smelly Feet with HAFLINGER slippers and shoes.

HAFLINGER are Indoor-to-Outdoor Capable

HAFLINGER slippers are renowned for the fact that they are both attractive and functional. Beyond looking good, these shoes are durable and multi-functional. What’s really great about them is that you can use them both indoors and outdoors, because they are crafted with the following adaptations:

  • They are made from water-resistant fabrics
  • They have weather-proof soles
  • They have anti-slip profile on the out-soles

These adaptations allow you to safely transition from indoors to outdoors, and over multiple surfaces without compromising your stability as you walk.

HAFLINGER slippers are designed to pamper your feet. The designs are carefully crafted to provide ultimate comfort and support to your feet, in versatile styles that work with both men and women’s wardrobes, through all seasons. HAFLINGER slippers carry an assortment that suits all tastes: if you like fun and bright colours, we have shades of pink, polka dots, orange and more that will excite your senses and bring a smile on your face, no matter what the weather. If you prefer neutral colours, we have elegant styles in black, bali blue, gray and anthracite that suit your understated preference. Take a look at the amazing variety of HAFLINGER slippers here, and order your pair while stocks last.

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