HOW TO BUY SKIN USING PROMO DIAMONDS? | 11.11 50% off skin event


34 thoughts on “HOW TO BUY SKIN USING PROMO DIAMONDS? | 11.11 50% off skin event

  1. Well at leat hororo senpai got the ice spike while i wasted 2 months and ¥1,087,765.5(500.000 in Philippine peso) to get that skin😥

  2. Who is spending your promo diamond to get sea recall and still didnt get it? I was using 600 promo diamond and still didnt get it :,)

  3. You can only gift a skin, if you already have that hero as well. If none, then you must buy the hero first

  4. Moonton give promo diamond
    Me: OK I'm going in mobile legends because of promo diamond
    Me sees you need one diamond: Ok I'm going back in wildrift

  5. Another scam event what do you expect from moontoon😡😡😡😡😡😡why are they always like this

  6. Lol i just got scammed i have 780 promo diamonds but not single real diamonds to buy the skin lol i guess i have to uninstal the game

  7. I bought a painted skin with one diamond and realised I.should have bought a skin with a higher price 🙁

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