How to save money when buying a diamond ring by Ronnie Mervis


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  1. This is great advice. My mom lost her 0.30ct diamond out of her engagement ring this year and I was able to replace it with a gorgeous GIA-graded triple-excellent (HCA score of 1.1), H, eye-clean SI2 stone for $500 Canadian. It's not the best, but they didn't think they could even afford the replacement. I bet a lot of people thinking about buying diamond alternatives would be pleasantly surprised how affordable diamond can be if you're not buying a 1.5ct D IF from Tiffany's.

  2. very nice video..but NOT buying someone a diamond right that isn't perfect and NOT EVEN real doesn't mean that you don't respect the person.  Frankly I got LUCKY and found the most gorgeous CZ that outbeats any real diamond …and the cut is a brilliant and its so shinny and full of "fire" as they say diamonds have. its so lovely…and didn't cost an exorbitant price. I would never let my Loved spend that much money. WE already decided that if I want a REAL ring one day. either we split the cost or I'll go buy it myself. He loves me either way. But NO way will we spend that kind of Crazy money. House is more important

  3. How to save money? Don't buy it at a jewelry store for starters. Buy your stone, GIA cert only, from a wholesaler and never pay more than 50% of rapaport price. Just google rapaport and follow the chart to find out the retail price. Jewelry shops, especially Cartier, Piaget, etc. sell 300% higher than retail price, so the moment you buy it, it is truly yours forever as you will not be able to get even 20% of your money should you decide to sell it. Go to the wholesaler ask for 50% of rapaport. They will make sad and sour faces at you saying it's impossible, don't worry they still make money at 50% so be nice and you will get the stone. Once you have it, go to a good jeweler and have a ring made. There, you just saved many thousands of dollars.

  4. Man is right, the most important thing is the cut….look at the diamond in a variety of different lights and lying on a setting and see if it pleases you.

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