Immortals Fenyx Rising Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" – WOW!


27 thoughts on “Immortals Fenyx Rising Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?" – WOW!

  1. This game is boring okay so the palette color is different, the world is sort of okay, but god, the puzzles are so boring, the story is so generic, and you get the tone of everything you don't like in a linear fashion…. I can't see what makes this game interesting, it's breath of the will badly copied and ugly, the game is not nice looking let's be honest and it lacks creativity, which is a ubisoft trademark at this stage.

  2. I have no idea why, but I became immensely interested in this the moment I heard it described. It’s a borderline ripoff of Zelda in several mechanics (stamina, lifting objects & chucking them @ enemies etc.) with combat more like AC Odyssey. I fucking love it, seriously. The issues I had with Odyssey are ironed out here, & thank GOD we have a new IP to enjoy.

  3. Ubisoft: "Hey Nintendo."
    Nintendo: "huh?"
    Ubisoft: "Can i do a Breath of the Wild style game?"
    Nintendo: "yeah i guess, just make different, so that it doesn't look you copied from me."
    Ubisoft: "Got it * makes almost an exact copy with a little bit of Assassins Creed Odyssey threw into it *

  4. I like how different people's taste are, because I actually really liked the bodies / faces. I think it's an absolute buy, no question asked. However, I know everyone isn't going to feel the same, but I am greatly enjoying it, I can easily say that.

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