Intervention: Diana Is Stopped from Buying More Booze (Season 16) | A&E


47 thoughts on “Intervention: Diana Is Stopped from Buying More Booze (Season 16) | A&E

  1. I wish they would do it intervention then and now to see or so we can see where those people are today

  2. The first person that I've ever seen that is CLEARLY INTOXICATED to point to she can't stand yet can still function with common sense and actually is hospitable. A TRUE RESPONSIBLE DRUNK.

  3. I know they have to blur the bottles for liability reasons, but it's ridiculous when the brand is still clearly identifiable.

  4. "I'm not drunk"

    She says while slurring her speech and struggling just to stand up straight

  5. I really feel for her it's so sad to see someone like that who seems so independent on drink, sometimes there's an underline reason for this, I hope she gets help with her problem and sorts herself out best wishes hun x

  6. My sister actually got suspended from her former job for like a week because she didn’t realize that person she rang up was drunk. When she told her manager, they had to suspend her. Good on the cashier for knowing better cuz that could have been her job

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