47 thoughts on “Osiris Shoes presents — "This Never Gets Old"

  1. Osiris is Nimrod from the bible. That's why thy smack you in the face with a This never gets old. Research Osiris and Nimrod people and ask yourself why the one dollar bill has never changed . I'd burn that pyramid down if I could. Freemasonic POS.

  2. osiris are garbage now.stupid clumpy hipster boots in dayglo colours.the vid might be dope but iam never buying them again.its enuff to want josh kasper and company back.

  3. so…according to this commerical if I wear Osiris no matter what age I am I will be awesome and get tons of hot girls? I'm so buying a pair!!!

  4. I love this commercial. Perfectly captures the in-the-moment frenzied pace of youth, and slingshots me back to being a teenager for 60 seconds. Mmmm, cold pizza for breakfast tomorrow!

  5. man whatever happened to the classic Osiris shoes of 2000…. Peter Smolik, Chad Knight, Josh Kasper…. ill pay anything for a pair of Smoliks.. not this new era shit that comes in neon colors.

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Tue Nov 10 , 2020
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Good boy Boots is leaving : NoFeeAC