Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)


41 thoughts on “Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)

  1. Oh and by the way I hate the Nissan Juke so much I think it was designed by satan himself I watched your Juke video hilarious yet true and wise

  2. More people in Chernobyl 🤣🤣🤣 so funny it made me spit a bit of my marshmallow love the jokes 👍👍👍

  3. A quick check of auto trader (as you do) lists more McLarens for sale than Infinitis despite the Japanese brand having half a dozen more years of UK sales.

  4. Nice looking car – 'German car that's had a stroke' lol…. still a marginally better front end than that awful homage to the creature from the Predator movies that Lexus insists on sticking on all its cars. Badge snobs…. yes I own up lol. That said I wouldn't buy anything promoted by David Beckham in Heat magazine.

  5. I really don’t understand why Infiniti didn’t do any marketing. They had quite a good line up with decent specs, much better than their Japanese rivals…but most people in the UK have never heard of them.

  6. You mention that people won't be interested in your car because its not a known brand but tbh, this is one of best looking cars I've ever seen, especially from the front.

  7. Infiniti’s entrance in the European market was the work of Johan de Nycchen, who is an idiot! No wonder it failed, and the changes he made have also halved their sales in North America

  8. The styling of the Infiniti Q50 is cool looking, I actually own a FX30D and your spot on with identity issues, I just tell people its a Nissan/Lexus and they go away. Great review.

  9. I think if infiniti had been branded skyline instead of infiniti in Europe, every playstation family dad, son, daughter would of wanted one. Every kid would love their dad/mum to have a 'skyline '

  10. Cracking in depth about a car I’ve never seen on the road Matt. Awesome review and entertaining better than watching tv😁👌💪

  11. I was looking at a Q30 for the missus for about a week when I realised it was basically a Mercedes GLA externally and internally, but without the associated costs. I was pleasantly surprised at what you get for the coin. Value for money wise, the brand is a great prospect for anyone looking for premium without the price to match, as Matt highlighted. I didn't go through with it and ultimately bought her (me 👀) a CLA 45 shooting brake for the added thrills. For more than double the money however, the interior of my AMG is definitely not double the quality of the regular Infiniti Q30 2.0 Sport I compared it against.

    Hopefully the brand makes another go of the European market, and actually promotes it's stock as described with a targeted campaign to get some traction as there's a lot of good to be said about premium at accessible costs 👍🏾.

  12. I completely agree with your assessment. When you consider it’s so like the Lexus it’s an absolute bargain….nice too, in my opinion, to have a car for a while that few others have ever owned.

  13. your not happy in that car you even look bored driving it.. no wonder you dont want to get to work early with the thought of a boring drive in a lexus… grab 5 series and smile lol

  14. Wow an Infiniti review from a reviewer in the North of England!
    Loved it thank you!

    Although some negative opinions were waaaaay off for a seasoned Infiniti fan to hear 😠😉

  15. Infiniti should've released the q50 red sport 400 with the 3.7 platform. The 3.7 sounds so much better than a 3.0t.

  16. We brexited the UK in 2017. My first and current car in Canada, is an infiniti. It an amazing car. 265k miles and no break downs. The UK really did miss out on something there – Japanese reliability.

  17. I bought an Infiniti QX30 a year ago second hand, such great value for money. Merc engine and gear box (2.2 diesel), Japanese design ( the interior makes the GLA look like a mk 1 Ford Escort) and made in Britain! Second hand it is £9 – 10k cheaper than Range Rover, Jag etc. I bought the wife a 3 year old Fiat 500 with the savings. Everyone's a winner…

  18. I have a 2018 Infiniti Q50 Silver Sport 3.0 that I purchased used (25k miles) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! – USA

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