Should You Buy FM21?


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  1. I put hundreds of hours into FM 19 and stuck to it after the reviews for FM20 weren't as good as I'd hoped. Bought FM 21 about 2 weeks ago it I think its fully worth the upgrade. So many new features from FM19 –> FM21.

  2. I'm sure there's other users like me who average 1000 hours + eatch year in FM games so I will always buy the latest version no matter what to support SI

  3. Agree. Fm21 is much much better than Fm20. And going from Fm19 to Fm21 is worth it a lot. ME is great.

    Oh i got my FM21 gifted. 🙂


  5. if you buy it every year are you doing it right? im 22 seasons into my save so dont think il be buying this years tbh

  6. Why did they add the purple theme in fm 19?
    I much more prfered backgroundcolours based on your club like any fm before 19 had.

  7. I have 1611 hours in FM2020…
    Started my simulation manager life with Premier Manager 2. Doubled up with the Ultimate Soccer Manager series. Tripled for the first and only time with CM97/98, Premier Manager 98, and USM98. Even got the weird Co Adriaanse Football World Manager 2000 game. From then on got only CM blind year on year. Immediatly switched to FM05 when the split happened.
    Never had a real disappointment with CM/FM games I have played. Even the down-years were comfortably making the "euro-per-hour" rule.

  8. The ONLY thing holding me back on buying FM21 (& I’m an avid FM lover, I played thousands & thousands of hours on FM20) is that they haven’t changed/updated players attributes. There are so many players that needed updating significantly and they haven’t been touched. That has put me off massively so I’m holding off until they at least address this.

  9. I've been playing CM and FM ever since CM 3, haven't bought or played all the games. The one I played most was FM12, didn't really get into FM13 and kind of lost interest. Kept playing FM12 every now and then but this year I bought FM20 and omg what a game.
    Even though I've played FM20 way more than those 300+ hours, way more, I'm going to wait.
    Going to start with watching streamers and youtubers and see if I'm convinced. Just subscribed to your channel so it's on you to convince me. No pressure.

  10. well for me its definitely worth it as my last buy was 18 version, 3 years difference made me curios enough

  11. Depends really I’d love to get invested but I’m not going to spend 500plus hours into a save when I could be doing much better things,

  12. I just look at FM in general, it is thee most value for money you can get. For hundreds of hours of entertainment during it's life cycle, nothing comes close to it

  13. The fact there was no features thing like they do every year worried me. Was there not one or did I just miss it?

  14. I didnt get 20 so im still on 19, I have decided though that 21 has progressed enough for me to get it.

  15. Not a criticism but would it gave been better to hold on with this video til the full game is out tomorrow with its inevitable changes/updates giving you a chance to fully assess the game?

  16. If you don't buy it every year then you're not missing out in the same way you would do on Fifa

    Check the steam workshop as there are people who put out league and transfer updates so you can still play the old games with the current system.

  17. For games I always go the ‘pound per hour’ method. So if the game is £35, will I get more than 35 hours playtime? With FM, the answer is always yes 👀

  18. I've actually spent 13,300 hours playing FM15. But I work from home. I'm allowed. I think I will buy FM21. I'm only 13th on the global leaderboard. I'm never going to get to the top. It's time to upgrade.

  19. This is is my first purchase since 2013 and I'm enjoying it. I played football manager games since the ZX Spectrum and played since the original Championship Manager 1993, 93/94 update disk, CM4, CM00-01, FM2012, FM2013 now FM2021. Quite a few gaps there and often many new changes between purchases.

    I'll be honest the game is getting very clunky, and sometimes things can be hard to find. For example during a match I have so much information on my screen, but yet tactics and subs is a tiny box in the bottom left. The fitness not being a number makes things a bit harder. All in all though I think it's a fun game and I am enjoying it so far.

  20. So I’ve never had FM before and have really wanted it for a while, I’m a student paramedic and am already struck for time, should I get it lads

  21. Me being a 14 year old American kid whose parents wouldn't buy me a video game if their life depended on it. I still play FM20, but I'm hoping to get FM21 for christmas, I can't stand my strikers missing 1 on 1 chances.

  22. i played fm20 for 214.2hrs im more of a fifa person tho it pisses me off i at least want to finish the cycle then next year get FM 9 days worth of playing fm

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