Should You Wait For An Apple Silicon-Based Mac or Buy an Intel One Now?


43 thoughts on “Should You Wait For An Apple Silicon-Based Mac or Buy an Intel One Now?

  1. Does anybody remember how long Power PC Macs were supported after Apple switched to Intel in 2006? as in the later IBM machines like the G5? because that maybe a good indication of how long Apple intend to support todays Intel machines. As for the G4, you can't do bugger all on the G4 iMac today! even YouTube won't work. although that is eighteen years old so what do you expect lol. I think the G4 iMac TV advert was a masterpiece though! Wait till you meet the new iMac!:

  2. Makes no sense for apple to make a silicon mackbook pro with silicon or intel if they plan to make a 14 inch MPB to replace the current 13 inch. If that is the plan then I think 14 inch MBP is what will be released. I would think MB12 inch is a good test subject to release first, but thats up to apple. I think that 12 inch was a good model if they can fix the keyboard and the new will probably solve all the other problems of the 12 inch MB. We shall see. I hear rumors they will release the 14 inch MBP this year, which is kind of surprising sense they just refreshed the 13 inch a few months back. Also once they do that sales of any existing Intel models will plummet so I would assume they have plans to release all macs with the new silicon pretty quickly after each other.

  3. Who is we? You speaking French bruh? The economy is crap now due to COVID. It’s tech reviewers that go out and buy the new techs.

  4. Silicon, Intel… can we just get a 1080p webcam? Especially with our current and foreseeable circumstances.

  5. "Constantly wipe out the android competition' 😂😂😂 I've been using Apple phones my whole life until I switched to Huawei p20 pro a few years ago. My Apple phones constantly lagged, froze and did a lot of random stuff while I've never experienced anything like that with my p20 pro and p30 pro. And Huawei phones have way better cameras and superior battery life. If the new macbook is going to be as shitty as their phones, then I don't want it.

  6. There are only two reasons to buy a Mac, to develop for Mac, iOS/WatchOS/TvOS etc. and to run Windows and Linux on a single computer. That aside, the Mac though a fine machine and very capable with Intel processors, is a niche machine with Apple Silicone. Once the ability to also run Windows goes away, the Mac becomes even more a niche device.

  7. Thanks for the wonderful insight. I plan on getting a 16in MacBook Pro by Christmas. I’ll wait for 2nd generation Apple silicon before I convert.

  8. I was weary of being an early adopter of Apple Silicon as a Software Engineer but after watching the Platform State of the Union this transition for devs might not be as bad as I initially thought as Apple is actively aiding in the open source community for this transition. Yes, in the beginning there will be software that isn’t going to be supported yet but some of those bits of software are either not necessary for my hobby projects or could still be ran just fine on my current mid-2015 MBP. The reason why I don’t want to buy another Intel Mac is the poor thermals and junky battery life. I just can’t go another 2+ years dealing with the shortcomings of Intel burning a hole in my lap and limiting my performance. I’ll still probably wait until a 16” AS Mac is released which might not be until next year.

  9. Once released, I'd wait a year before buying an Apple Silicon Mac – if I could hold out that long. Software needs to catch up. It's like buying the first of a new line of automobiles – better to let the dust settle.

  10. They’ve effectively built the Mac Mini already – it’s the developer kit! So I’m surprised they didn’t announce this as a Mac that would be released at launch.

  11. It’s important to mention that the new MacBooks are following the same exterior design and should only having issues in regards to not supporting Intel-based apps!

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  13. I Just would like to know what means "many, many years".I am expediting for a MacBook Pro to arrive but I am worry Apple abandons Intel in just a few years. I would to use my MacBook for at least 7, 8 0 9 years… Is that that "many, many years"? Thanks.

  14. I have a 2014 MBP and was just about to pull the trigger on a brand new 16-inch until I heard about the new Silicon machines. I'm going to be patient and at least wait until this winter to see what they're all about.

  15. Apple don't have a great reputation for developing hardware, I'd be amazed if this doesn't amount to a massive screw-up.

  16. I hit dislike just because you’re begging for likes.
    We know how YouTube works bro. If you make good content people will like it without you begging.

  17. Im 21, with a ipad pro, surface laptop 3, a galaxy s20 ultra and a iphone xr. Im not upgrading anything till 2025, by then should have my first career job and the jump between devices and their performance should be pretty decent. Plus, ill be able to afford upgrading.

  18. Let’s make a vote: If you think that buying the 2020 Macbook is better than waiting for the next generation, like this comment. And if you think that you should wait and buy the next generation, comment under this comment. 🙂 Thanks, i just want to see what the majority thinks

  19. I have an OLD MacBook Pro that I’ve been keeping alive all those years with patchers. It still works WONDERS for me.
    I’m gonna save some money to buy a 3rd or 4th gen Apple-SOC MacBook Pro 16’. I do mostly light work (browsing the web, textbooks, PowerPoint) it makes no sense buying something that I’ll never use at its full capabilities. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Upgrading this week from MBA mid-12 to 2020 (how fast time flies …) – even if an Apple Silicon might come out in the fall. Very comfortable with a 5-7 year window support for Intel-based. And we use our iPads Pro for basically 80% of our workflow. Just fun! Perfect combo MBA-iPad Pro (depending on your work obviously). BTW, YouTubers rarely talk about video-conferencing. Not the camera, the performance. And not sure EVERYBODY wants to be first adopters anymore. Tech Geeks want to be so. Cool is enjoying the Apple (or any) products that you need.

  21. Or just buy a Mac mini DTK right now. Heck even buy some rights to break NDAs because you’re the press right? Post about it all over social media so that Apple loses trust of devs and start pulling the transition kits

  22. If you need something now, why wait? You’ll get the best of Apple now vs. something that is new that may not get 3rd party support for years.

  23. Intel Mac will be supporting the Intel Mac for a minimum of 4 to 5 years after they are release. But I do believe that you are wrong by saying that Apple will be releasing Intel mac during the next two years. Apple will release it's last Intel iMac this fall or earlier. Once a version of a product line will start shipping with the new Apple Silicon that will be it. They might still have stock of Intel iMac but their will not be any new release. Why would they do that. Their objective is to get this transition done with as soon as possible. The more ArM Mac they sell the more motivated the developers will be to port their Apps. The only reason Apple is giving itself 2 years is for the Mac Pro and the high end 27" iMac. They will require more work(12 maybe 16 core processors and Apple GPU?) and especially more work from the third party developers. They will need time to port their apps and their plug-ins. I expect all lines of notebooks and desktop macs to be shipping with new Apple Silicon within one year so around Fall 2021 except for the aforementioned high-end Mac. BTW I am not sure that there still will be an iMac Pro anymore since this was a product to alleviate issue with the Mac Pro product lineup.

  24. Apple Silicon will be optimized for just one Operating system. That will make the MacOS scream. For Intel and Qualcomm they have to take recommendations from Dell Microsoft and all of the PC makers and then try to please them all. The only people that Apple Silicon has to please is Apple. In true Apple fashion, the software and the hardware work hand in hand and that integration will only deepen over time.

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