The camera YOU should buy in 2020: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Vlogging, Wildlife


47 thoughts on “The camera YOU should buy in 2020: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Vlogging, Wildlife

  1. My camera bag:
    D300s for wildlife (burst or grip needed)
    D5300 for landscape or wildlife if burst isn't necessary
    D7000 for general use (wildlife, nature, landscape)

    Used is the best way to go for me.
    400mm f2.8 manual ($650)
    50mm f1.8 ($70)
    135mm f2.8 Nikkor-Q manual ($50)

  2. Hi Tony. One question not related to this video. But I was recently reading about Leica cameras. As this cameras are very expensive with limited features. Are there any professional who uses them ? Is there any specific kinds of photos where this kind of cameras are being used ?

  3. I just replaced my Fuji X-T2 with a X-S10 and that's the perfect camera for me. I don't have steel biceps like those Northrups.
    Full frame? No thank you. You will know when you need full frame, and if you don't know then you definitely don't need FF. Most of us don't, but it doesn't hurt either if you prefer that camera size.

  4. Want the R6. Have used the D500 for sports—it is really good. A Lumix G9 has a better sensor than any of the APS-C Canons mentioned. I had a Canon 7D many years ago. Great camera in many ways at the time. My first DSLR was a T1i. I've also owned an SL1, 77D and 5D III. When the Lumix G9 came out I sold the 77D and bought the G9. No regrets. It's kind of a shame no MFT cameras are included here. For anything but fast AF tracking, some MFT cameras are better than the APS-C choices in the video, and maybe cheaper in some cases.

  5. Tony I am shocked 😲 you showed Canon some love 💘 and the R5 no doubt ❤ 👏. I just figured the post would a Sony love in. Ya blew my 📷 🚪s off with this one surprise surprise 😎😎😎

  6. Great choices! If buying now, I would probably go for the Canon 90D for wildlife. It has a better sensor than the 7DMkII & using centre point autofocus, or zone focus for birds in flight, it works well. The price is pretty good too.

  7. Tony, I enjoy night photography and would like to upgrade to a high resolution Canon camera.
    Have you a suggestion for Milky Way photography that compares to the Nikon Z6?

  8. Canon T6s is much better than the T6i or even T7i. Canon removed the Rebel name in the next updated T7 series and just called the T6r's big brother just 77D ! The T6s (and 77D) includes a top LCD information display and a quick control dial on the rear of the body much like all other Canon's Pro line of camera's.

  9. Feedback on the last minute or so of the video about comments complaining about not recommending (as the best) the camera that someone has. The internet and particularly social media has a tendency to focus on the very "best" of something to the degree that any other choice is undesirable. This is unfortunate because people make the best decision at a moment in time with the information (and resources) they have at that particular moment in time. There is also a bit of a human nature thing here to "side" with what we own, thus something of a Ford/Chevy/Dodge tendency in conversation.

    One thing you could do is give recommendations at different price levels with different rankings. E.g. at $2400 combo A is best, combo B is very good, and combo C is acceptable (or a waste of money like with what Olympus pulled this year).

  10. If you are a photographer and less on videos, pick a used Sony a7ii with Kit lens and 50mm f1.8. This will cost you under 1k and you will get great looking pictures. Sony a7ii has a good dynamic range, decent low light performance and a good autofocus if you use the latest firmware . It has inbuilt steady shot and is more useful than mega pixels and fast autofocus in real world.

  11. Tony, FOR BEGINNERS, shouldn't we also be looking at quality lenses for your system? And if we follow that logic, we end up in the Sony system. A Sony APS-C, mixed with quality Tamaron or Sigma full frame, fast lens. Good review for sure, but Canon m50? Over Sony APS-C? The upgrade path for Canon m50 is not there. I agree with the Canon RP if you want to jump into full frame, the lens path is there (though pretty pricey for beginners). But Sony a6400 APS-C has a ton more options, and any Sony e-mount, even crop sensor will work with just about every full frame Sony in super 35 (I think a7s3 is the exception). I have an a73 and just bought the Sony 30mm macro, even in super 35, the images are incredible.

  12. I disagree with many of Tony's recommendations, but I still gave it a thumbs up for the comments it has inspired.

    Almost all the recommendations are bulky gear and not really suitable for low-key, social photography. Bulky gear might not matter to many pro's, but for the rest of us having a camera that we can carry around all the time (like the smart phone) is very important. The camera does not need to be pocketable, just small enough to fit in a small pack along with the other urban walk-about supplies like water bottles, chargers, etc.. While my smart phone can take great photos, the ergonomics is not great. My camera can be operated single-handed, not possible with a phone. Also the time from seeing something interesting to snapping a photo is much, much faster than my smart phone.

  13. Alot of Canon in this video ….Guess Canon have paid you this year……….or they have really stepped up their game last year. Im happy i Stayed with Canon trough all the hard years lol

  14. The majority of professional photographers in the E.U use old DSLR's like the Nikon D700 for weddings and portraits or cameras with similar specs… Why shouldn't i buy the Panasonic G9 for video? And why shouldn't i buy the Pentax K1 ii for landscapes? And why i should not use an Olympus camera for wildlife and animals? And Canon R5 is good for video?Huh? Overheating, bad auto-exposure, bad 4K, bad low light capabilities and useless 8k that nobody can edit it unless you are a member of the Rockefeller family. And who can afford to buy the Sony A7Siii? Only a few (rich) professionals.

  15. You said you wanted some complaints in the comment section. Well I can complain that you barely talked about the Sony cameras, yet in years past they wanted the top of your list. I remember when I bought the Sony a7 ii based on your recommendation and then a year later you said you didn't like it that well. I was temporarily mad at you then I realized technology is always changing, your job is to keep us informed of the newest technology. Still looking for a cheap recommendation for a zoom lens up to 600 mm for my new Sony a7r III.

  16. I've upgraded from Sony a7 ii to the Sony a7r iii. What inexpensive zoom lens would you recommend with at least a 600mm reach. I have a Sony G series 70-300mm lens. But I need more reach. The Sony lens 200-600 mm is way too expensive for my budget. Any good alternative would be appreciated. I bought both versions of your digital photography handbook and I recommended you to other people that I run into who have Sony cameras period including a soldier I ran into recently who had just bought a Sony a7r for camera on Black Friday sale and wasn't sure what to do with it.

  17. Nowadays i see so many people on flickr having all these latest expensive equipments(camera and smartphone) but most of their photos are disappointing , all due to lack of patience.
    I mean ,for example, whats the point of hand-held photography at night?

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