The First things you should buy when getting into FPV


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  1. NURK nailed it, this is just what I wish I was told before I started.
    I went for top shelf and it broke me before I could even fly.
    I spent thousands because I did not start with a toy first. thank you for your inspiration .

  2. I would add, make sure you have a computer too. This is a big part of building and setting up quads.

  3. Regarding googles – I started with FX Viper, intending to buy a better one later and to convert the Viper to spectator's screen. They are bulky, but do the job, have a diversity to use different antennas and allow me to record my flights to DVR. So far I'm happy with my decision, I flew with Viper for 3 months at rate 10-15 batteries a week and now I pre-ordered Skyzone 04x after seeing countless videos about high-end googles. When I started to fly, I did not know too much about googles, so I selected a cheep one which can later serve as a spectator screen, and I would recommend everyone to follow this path.

  4. I agree, want to get everyone flying! When ever asked what's the first thing to "invest" into is your controller(radio transmitter).
    I do hope more people in my area start flying FPV. If it wasn't for DroneNation app I wouldn't have any body to talk to in real time. Being able to talk with an connect with like minded good people whom are interested in the same hobby is a blessing. That an YouTube content regarding building!! Thank you for your first Shendrone Squirt videos! After seeing what you did I knew I needed to build a cinewhoop, an has been one of my favorite quads till this day. Plan on going out an filming some trees due to fall an the colors of the leaves. FPV has literally changed my life for the better. An you Paul have been one that has been a positive influence in my eyes. So thank you.

  5. Hello there. Umm I just got my first fpv and now I know that I need to bind my controller for it. I have cloud reptile 149 and hobbyporter wt8.. I'm not so sure will I want to bind it anymore because perhaps better controller would be the thing. Am I in trouble because I'm not so aware what I should do?

  6. Never flew a drone in my life. Started with a controller and a simulator. I can say 100% if you can fly a sim you can fly a drone. Ive only broken an arm once on my 5inch in my 1 year of having it now.

  7. In 2018 I put nearly 100 hours of acro flying in the sim slowly learned to fly LOS with a 40$ Traxxas Aton 🤣. I also definitely reccomend building your first drone! Its sooo easy these days!

  8. Awsome video nurk spot on with your information I wish I seen this 5 months ago I started with buying 5 inch race freestyle quad not the best to start off with they are intimidating I kept at it went through couple esc and didn't know how to fix them I got sick of taking it to the shop so i learnt how to build them off youtube I'm loving it I enjoy building them just as much as flying them it's pretty cool knowing ur flying a quad you built ur self 💯🤙

  9. I think first two thing one should buy are
    1. RADIO
    i have built a drone and bought a controller but could not afford to buy goggles afterwards goggles are so damn expensive because you can get the feel of fpv and if you dont want to continue you just sell it

  10. Tip – with a baby on the way, you need to start stockpiling these “non time specific” videos.. Your first 3 months will be a write off for all the right reasons.

  11. How’s it bro nice vid , just wondering If u have any tips, I’m using a X9d and have a LR crossfire module but I can only get out about 700m-1000m before I get a telemetry lost signal then returns as soon as I get closer .

  12. Hey Paul, of all of the build kits, which one would you probably say would be a great 1sr time build for more of a cinematic flyer than freestyle? Thanks.

  13. All grate points and thank you for keeping some content relevant for the noobs, as a now seasoned operator it's still nice to see you keeping it fresh for them as well.


  14. I bought a Tinyhawk 2 to learn on and wanted to buy a better radio first, will the FrSky Taranis X9 Light bind to my Tinyhawk 2 ?

  15. Thanks for this! I can’t wait to get started after I finish my VW bus restoration haha so expensive project 😆

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