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  1. GOBY – how much do you think Goby Walnut paid the client for that tree? Can't wait to see some new videos soon.

  2. Cam- Super informative walnut episode. The GOBI folks sure have there act together and bunches of inventory. As an aside, I'm wondering what was the inset picture showing some guy pushing a cutting sled- got a link for that please? Also, yeah take a week or so off, you've got tons of work setting up the new shop….we understand.

  3. GOBY – Hey Cam, can you share with me how much do you invest only on materials for a regular river table, the size don't really matter! And how much it is the final product? Excluding the machines costs and everything else, only the initial investment compared to the final price
    , i want to calculate the
    percentage of gain based on the amount invested. I will understand if you´re not allowed to share that information, but means a lot to me! Thank you so much for your content you're a Genious, hope you have an excellent week! Cya!

  4. "GOBY" (Being a beginner woodworker, I always overlooked them since the cost of material is higher than what I can afford. Luckily, I've found other sources that stock rustic walnut for my home projects) What is your overall timeframe from purchase of slab to delivered finish product?

  5. GOBY, hi Cam. I am looking for ways to heat my garage. I have an insulated garage but it gets much too cold here in Canada during the winter. Never been keen on gas heaters given the dust. Could you briefly describe how you decided on this electric model over others? Would love to hear some feedback during winter about how it performs. I have the electrical outlet already which makes installing it fairly easy. Thanks for your hard work creating informative and motivational videos. Keep up the great work.

  6. FYI, I asked Goby if they would resaw a slab that I would buy (since I have no need for a 3"+ slab) and they replied that they did not have the capability.

  7. O.K. Now after the guy explained how much you need of the fixed costs invested and the time it takes to cure the wood, the price seems to be somewhat fair.

  8. GOBY- How’s it going? Wanted to ask a question in this modern day and age I know there are a lot of wonderful products that make things more cost effective and profitable. Have you ever thought about using Hide Glue? I used to repair antique furniture costing in excess of 250k. This was used in the old days and is about 10x’s stronger than epoxy, but is still malleable for later repairs if needed.

  9. What are the chances we could see how to seal the ends of a slab or cookie to prevent the cracking/splitting? Would be an awesome educational video.

  10. Goby – thanks for the video! The interview at the end was especially informative. Good luck in your new shop!

  11. Goby rocks! Maybe a question for Aaron but, I have a couple of 2 inch thick walnut slabs I am drying in my garage and as far as drying outside for a year per inch then into the kiln for a few months. I don't have access to a kiln so, is there a guesstimate for the total dry time just being stickered outside without using a kiln? I am guessing it will just be a matter of waiting for the moisture content to reach the right level? Thanks!

  12. Nice vid.
    PROFITEERING – that is why those slabs cost so much. I get it, they have to pay for the large equipment over time. But the actual wood didn't cost them much. Those prices are ridiculous.

  13. How much do you typically sell an epoxy table for? I'm making one for a wedding present and I dont want to over-price them if I make more than the one.

  14. Goby is 1 inch thick 4ft long 3ft wide maple slab will be good and sturdy enough to make round coffee table ?

  15. I am making a vanity for my girlfriend and I want to use epoxy. I am a first time user and I would love some pointers on how to get started. Just kinda confused on where to start really.

  16. Make certain your client understands WYSIWYG doesn't apply to these slabs. We bought a 255" long Bastogne Walnut slab from Goby, based on the photos they had on their website…which were apparently three years old. We were looking for something with significant light border down the sides, which the photos showed about 8" of along each side. Unfortunately three years later, the slab doesn't look anything like the photos on Goby's website. We're very disappointed with the results of this $30k project…Goby, for not representing the slab in its "as-shipped" condition, and the woodworker we commissioned to undertake the project for failing to communicate the slab would not meet our expectations.

    In retrospect, I should have taken the time to fly out to Oregon to inspect the slab personally, but I did not realize the photos they have on their website are several years old, and the wood changes dramatically over that time.

  17. Goby – Think I see a SuperMax sander in your shop. I am just about to buy the 19-38 for doing cutting boards and making thin strips of inlay wood. How would you rate the Supermax and would you buy it again?

  18. Now that you got your new shop/so much space you should just cut down some trees and leave them out back of your shop for storage for a few years to dry 🙂

  19. Goby. How are you planning to plane these down, I thought I remember you saying your industrial shop only did to like 51 inches or so

  20. Goby- Totally off topic, but hoping you can answer: I want to finish a wood counter with thin epoxy on top of paint. 1. Does Liquid Glass make a thin pour epoxy for this type of use?, 2. Is there a way to make the glossy finish almost satin? Would sanding it a little make it harder to clean or trap dirt? Its a counter but serves as a desk. Thanks for your videos.

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