The Only Jeep You Should Buy


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  2. I have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. Barely put any miles on it yet & the oil pump went out… Maybe it’s time to sell? But the thing looks soooo good & I put TONS of money into it

  3. My 05 Wrangler X six speed manual has 220k miles. I'm the original owner, it has the original engine and the original clutch. The only major repairs were when I slipped the rear end while trying to get off a rock I high centered on and I had to replace the heater core. Be ready to remove the entire dash on that one…

  4. Got the 2005 TJ. Mint condition, close to stock with a few fun minor upgrades. Best Jeep they ever made, not the fanciest, but solid fundamentals and customizable.

  5. Did anyone else notice at 0:21 Scotty said “the frame is in excellent shape ” I can see a plate welded onto the frame.

  6. Obviously never drove this jeep in the rain, snow, or salt, we get here in NE OH, or it would already be junked like the rest of them 😏

  7. Didn't know the early TJs had 3 speed autos. I thought they had AW4s and 42REs.

    The 318s in the ZJs are great for reliability too. Mine has 247k miles without issues.

  8. Hey Scotty,
    Former 1995 Jeep Sahara owner here….it drives me nuts when mechanics just lift the Jeep hood all the way up and rests it on the roof to get at the engine. The Jeep is not designed for that.

    Problem with doing that is it will scuff up the hood on your customer’s Jeep. I caught a Jeep dealership mechanic doing that to my YJ and it scuffed up my hood up. I was pissed and told the dealership manager about it. At first he denied the scuff marks came from that, then I pointed out how the scuff marks line up exactly with how the lazy mechanic was resting my hood on the Jeep’s roof. The manager then grudgingly agreed to fix the paint scuff on my hood for free. Never went back to that dealership after that. IMO, it’s just laziness on the mechanic’s part to not use the pole to lift the hood as it was designed for.

  9. I grew up on coastal Maine. A vehicle that old in that good of a condition was 1. Garage kept or similar 2. Saw limited and/or seasonal activity.
    You can't credit the vehicle for that stuff. That is not to say the Jeep highlighted here isn't a good vehicle.

  10. I Had A 99 Wrangler 2 Door 6 Cyl And After 66000 The Engine Had A Dead Cyl And A Short In The Dash. The Speedometer Would Stop Working Until You Hit A Bump In The Road Or Smacked The Top Of The Dash.

  11. I had a 2000 wrangler with one of them straight 6's and the 5 speed. That thing was a beast. I started driving it when I was 17 and I had it till I was 21 so that should say everything. I was a teenage boy and couldnt break it, they dont make em like that any more.

  12. Scotty telling us he is 2nd amendment by hanging at the back for quite some time! Good on you brother!! @scottykilmer

  13. I cant comment on other Jeep models except that from my personal experience the TJ Jeep Wranglers are pretty damn good. Ive got one with similar mileage having owned it since new. have taken care of all its maintenance myself. the trick with these is to keep up the scheduled maintenance and dont treat them like a sports car. and as I'm a grandpa it doesnt get abused but used as it was designed for, and as a gold prospector mine spends a lot of time in 4×4 exploring the bush

  14. Got an '03 Jeep TJ with the AMC 4.0L inline six + the 5-speed manual that was gotten from the showroom floor in Oct. 2003. Still have it. Best investment ever for a vehicle here in Alaska as it'll get me to where I wanna be where a Toyota Corolla can't go off road + easy to work on / easy to find parts for.

  15. I love my Jeep. I have 247,000 miles on mine and she runs great. I'm also rocking the 5 speed manual.

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