The Sims 4: CC Finds | #6 (Build & Buy)


48 thoughts on “The Sims 4: CC Finds | #6 (Build & Buy)

  1. I’m so stupid I wasted 40 dollars looking for a carpet in the other dlc, this entire time I had to download it lol

  2. Where did you find the bedding and pillows?? Ive downloaded a couple bedding and pillow sets but they dont even show up. Please helppppp 🙁

  3. What sort of websites do you use to download cc? I love cc but I have no idea where to find it! Thanks 👍🏻

  4. I downloaded some of this and extracted the ones that needed to be 0-0 But when I use it on my sim it glitches out and makes them see through

  5. so I havebeen trying to download Mios conversions (pretty much every one) I will download it and extract and put them in my trays folder and Ill open my game to build mode and they arent there 3;

  6. Is it possble if you could make a video on bathroom CC? I have had a lot of trouble finding some so it would help me a lot.

    ~Lovley Simmer

  7. I know this is late But Where do you Find all this Stuff?!? I Love it, I MUST HAVE IT!!!! Is there a  website that you get it from? Please let me know!!!BTW Love These Videos Please make More!!!!!!! <3

  8. Hey I have this problem to where if I download furniture, objects,clutter it makes my game crash. Any fixes? Or what I have to do?

  9. This might be a really dumb question but I've only got custom stuff for my sims and not build mode stuff so was just wondering how do you access custom build mode things and do the downloads still go into the mods folder? (Such a newbie to this)

  10. OMG thanks sooooo much I absolutely LOVED everything…. I have one question where did you get the refrigerator…. as soon as I saw it I was like YASSS… LOL

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