Top 10 HEALTHIEST Things To Buy At Costco…And A Few To Avoid!


27 thoughts on “Top 10 HEALTHIEST Things To Buy At Costco…And A Few To Avoid!

  1. Thank you for dropping knowledge….revamping put pantry and getting rid of foods that cause inflammation

  2. I love that you are educating on buying healthier foods. It seems that you are not informed about lectins that cause inflammation and Auto Immune problems. Chia seeds, oats and chickpeas are loaded with Lectins. These foods are good for you if you pressure cook them to kill the Lectins.

    I thought I was eating healthy but my knee collapsed from Arthritis. I was eating organic fruits and vegetables mostly. Since then I have cut out lectins, I am off crutches and am able to walk again.

  3. Shouldn’t we be concerned about the Amount of carbohydrates in all of the foods that you’re sharing with us?

  4. Coconut is high in saturated fats and in calories. How come you recommend coconut cluster? Amy's soup is high in sodium. Why do you recommend it?

  5. I live in PA, north hills of Pittsburgh. I’ve been looking for your cookbook for over a year and my Costco doesn’t have it. They don’t carry the organic non gmo frozen beef either😡

  6. For the record you meant gut bacteria, not stomach bacteria. There's no way that you can have bacteria living very long in the stomach because it has a pH of about 1, and it's way too acidic.

  7. I like your videos about what to buy and what not to at the wholesale club where you live, but it doesn't help me much since it's for Costco which we don't have here, we have a Sam's Club and they don't carry the same items you are reviewing.

  8. Monk Fruit Sweetener is so so totally awesome!!!!!!
    Braggs organic apple cider vinegar again wow …. thank you guys so much!!!!!
    Luckily found them all here in Bahrain!
    Really learning so much from you. keep doing what you doing!

  9. These videos are amazing! I have started making a list of things to buy next time I go to Costco. I subscribed because these videos are so helpful.

  10. I'm joining Costco because of you! I'm trying to get my family into a much healthier diet. It's a slow transition, but you are definitely making it easier. Thank you for all your videos!

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