Trying a Pointe Shoe from WISH


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  1. Hi! I have very unique feet and I’ve spent hours in pointe shoe fittings without much resolution. Do you think you’d be able to help me? I have flexible, short, square, and wide feet, short, incompressible toes, a disappearing heal, and very high arches. Also, my arches are a bit lower down on my feet.

  2. $140 is not a lot to spend on a critical component of you equipment for your chosen sport or profession.

  3. All I can think of watching this was how much I HATED Gaynor Mindens when I danced. So unflattering and difficult to feel the floor through. But expensive, so they sure do push ‘em.

  4. Thank YOU for this because I was going to buy these from Amazon. They are under the name MSMAX but have the same branding/decoration on the sole. I just wish there was a more affordable brand of shoe because I am not ever going to be a professional and I seriously do not have the funds to waste on shoe after shoe.

  5. not a dancer I laughed so hard at myself when I realized that I've been so desensitized to the cost of equipment in gymnastics that $140 shoes made me shrug and be like: "quality isn't free."

  6. I know nothing about ballet, not sure why you even showed up in my recommended videos – but damn the expensive ones are gorgeous lol

  7. Yes! At my dance school, someone bought a pair for 15 and she went to hospital after using them twice, with a broken ankle !

  8. I wonder what would happen if you put your heel in the arch to break them in? I’m guessing it would just snap, certainly wouldn’t work for someone who doesn’t like a fully three quartered shank. I’ve seen a number of those on amazon as well, I just hope they aren’t ending up in the hands of uneducated kids who might hurt themselves.

  9. Yes, this video is very useful. But I want to add that from my experience, there is a company that produces pointe shoes made of paper. And the comoany is very well known on the ballet world. I have them and compared to the morę expensive branch, this paper made pointe shoes are horrible.

  10. i kept telling myself that i didn’t buy the wrong point shoes but now that i’ve watched so many videos like this i’ve realized that i did😭😭no wonder it’s so hard😂😂

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