1. Sham Bhai Love Your Videos,Keep Up the Good Work. I also Have An Youtube Channel. Please Take A Look At it. The Name Is Wasil Irfan With 213 Subs.

  2. Assalamualaikum…..I invite all of you to listen heart touching Quran Recitations on my channel and don't forget to susbcribe for more Recitations

  3. why are you putting 2 million on the thumbnail do you even realise how much of a show off and how low that genuinely is

  4. I dont think so he even sees our comments btw they are just showing of like wow and who the hell yeaches her 10 year pld dayther to drive anddd why are you getting another house like allah gave you money give it to poor people but no you want to show off

  5. When Sierra was in the another house she was very sad and quit and when she came in her own house she felt happy and nice right!
    If it is right hit like

  6. I have liked almost all your videos and i also have subscribed to your channel 🤗i hope i will get chosen for the ps5 gkve away

  7. me again just wanted to say mashaallah its a such a beautifull house i really wish u should get it i did not as my wish ill be happy if u will get because u r a part f me love u amd u r family

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