What I'm Buying & Why | November & December MTG Finance [Expos, Showcase, Etc]


34 thoughts on “What I'm Buying & Why | November & December MTG Finance [Expos, Showcase, Etc]

  1. The packaging of those eBay purchases irks me. You mentioned how you don’t like when people jam 4 cards in a top loader.

    I sell cards on eBay. There’s a 3-step process that lets you ship cards safely and conveniently for your customers. 1. I place each card in its own penny sleeve. 2. I attach these thin, slim tags that look sort of like a post-it note to the penny sleeve. 3. I limit cards to two per top loader. Now those tags that I mentioned just poke out the top of the top loader, so my customer can just gently pull on the tag and the penny sleeve with the card inside will slide out of the top loader. You don’t have to jam your fingers in there and risk leaving an indent in your card.

    I learned the trick when I bought cards from another seller and ever since I started using those tags my customers have been sending me messages saying they like them.

  2. QUICK correction: u are not SNIPING anything that will be reprinted forever. You dont understand the meaning of the word then-

  3. 45 bucks for a foil flooded strand? I was kinda hesitant on the foil fetches with another reprint coming next year but wow that was low.

  4. My wife and I cracked 3 collector boosters of commander legends and got squat. You’re more efficient w your money if you do what your doing and just buy the cards you want. It’s more fun cracking boxes, but picking up cheap singles while the market is flooded is very rewarding.

  5. Honestly sniping up those fetchlands at low prices is the smartest play because they WILL go back up over time

  6. Iv been specing into thieving skydives at under $2 and drannith magistrate started under $2.50 I have close to 50 copy’s of each at the moment they both hit there bottom a couple weeks ago and are starting to climb a few cents a week now is the time to pick them up if anyone was planning on it….

  7. I picked up a playset of those darkslicks as well for next to nothing. There are so many ridiculously cheap cards right now. Even the new set seems to be very reasonable.

  8. Glint horn totally goes infinite for at least how many cards are in your deck, as long as you have at least 2 opponent left cause the treasure can pay for his ability and infinitive amount of times or until you don’t have two opponents ( the key is both cards say each opponent)

  9. If you don’t mind me asking, what would you say your ratio of good to bad buys is? I’m just curious is all I don’t wanna “expose” any “investing guru” or anything just curious is all.

  10. This series is very interesting and I personally like it. Gives a different perspective of collecting while just crossing the line of MTG Finance.

  11. My LGS finally announced there going to open up in store play in February with the kalheind release and on Saturdays there starting pioneer league. I’ve been jumping on pioneer cards that are reasonable but I’m guessing may get pricy . Example I bought 4 soul scar mage at $6.25 each today . That’s a good card that I’m guessing could spike if pioneer paper takes off . Well see . Great video

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