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  1. Me who has ridden for half my life and has gone through almost all the different equine sports but being broke as f- 👁👄👁

  2. I am 13 and pay for my own horse and ride her at least an hour a day, i ride for my trainer and am a competitive barrel racer. I don't want hate because really do care about my mare. My dad or grandma drops me off and picks me u when im done. I feel like the only barrel racer who does not wear spurs:) and im proud of it.

  3. Dam rally yeah I witnessed a meth head that died on our road to our ranch luckily it wasn’t on our property on the concrete floor road feet away from it because the horse stood up fast And he got knocked down bleed from his head and I believe by the time the helicopters came he was dead. I see shadow sometimes near that spot. everyone’s blaming the horse but I believe he was probably pulling hard on the rains and abusing the horse. Especially in the Mexican equestrian activities they abuse their horses a lot. I know this because Im a Mexican. I am around of equestrians Mexicans s they rent stables at our Ranch I go to places with my dad also to hold them for him sometimes too. Ive many times witness my dad and a lot of other people at the racetrack abused them when they do something bad because he’s a farrier at Golden Gate fields. your videos have really help me not give a fuck and stand for the horses because no one does and growing up as a child I always knew it was wrong and I love horses and don’t want to hurt them I needed to keep my mouth shut also it was kinda in bedded into me. my dad and other Mexicans do that as traditional for riding as well. It’s tradition I guess doesn’t make it Okay. I love your videos by the way I love your sense of humor all time! truly a hero to the equine world❤️

  4. I got my new horse and I am 14 and the lady who gave him to me said he was very broke and he was fine when I test rode him, but I got on him after a got him, and he bucked me off 4 times now.

  5. Dont do what i do i didnt get a vet check and bought sight unseen from NC but my trainer worked with my horse for a year so i kinda knew what to expect and it worked out great my parents buy and pay for everything expect tack but i have been riding all my life (13 years) my pony is the absolute best! I have owned him for 3 years and plan to love him and give him the best possible life for the rest of his life!

  6. I’m 12yrs old, and I own a horse, and we have a very special bond. I have no problem. My parents help me with the cost, but they are ok with that.

  7. I have been riding since as long as I can remember, I rode western till I was 11, then took show jumping lessons, then when I was 16 I started taking dressage, and now im 18 and now I am taking hunter seat. And I highly recommend like she said to take many diffrent types of lessons its alot of fun as well as you get soo much riding experience and are not stuck doing one all the time. 🤩

  8. and i have no interest in competing and get very attached to my animals also would like to get an internship as a farrier. and what cause lameness btw? i ask my friends that all the time-and never get a good answer  

  9. I love how much more educational you've gotten. Instead of talking about the idiots and calling them idiots, you're helping people not be idiots. I fucking love that.

  10. I was lucky when growing up that I was able to be to ride horses that belonged to family members. Both grandparents on both sides of the family had calm horses for me to ride that were good for those with no real experience with riding. Though I have not no for perhaps 10 years have not ridden a horse, though I would like to and perhaps one day I will go down and ride with my Aunt who has horses. At this point in my life I will probably never own a horse of my own, Just ride horses of people I know. I already know I don't have the time or money to own and take care of a horse, but if i did The horse I would have would just be a pleasure horse, no showing or competing.

  11. I love riding horses but am not very rich. I take riding lessons in the summer (that's what we can afford) but the instructor loves clinton anderson and i don't feel very comfortable around her. I want to take different lessons to try out new breeds training methods etc. but the most of the lessons within 30 mins of me are too expensive for me and im only 12 so its kinda hard to get a reliable job. me and my mom started volunteering at an equine therapy barn.

  12. All points so true! That should every rider see and hear. Because there is so many people who buy a horse and then dumb him for some reason… I know many people who buy a horse just for some stupid reason. Like one girl I know who multiple times bought a pony and after year or two must sell him because of money and time. And after next two or three years did the same thing again like she didn't learn a thing. I felt so sorry for her, because it was sad that she must sell her loved pony, but on other side it made me angry, because what she did was stupid. Those horses just go from one owner to another, they are not properly trained, can learn bad behavior or be abused by bad buyers and will often end up in slaugter.
    Thanks you, Raleigh, for doing this video and teach people <3

  13. I knew teen who talked her mother into buying a horse for her. The family didn't have much money. The teen bought the horse she could afford. A lazy, pudgy small gelding. It was a perfect match in one way because the child had little riding experience, but bad because she renamed the horse Wildfire. The horse did not meet her expectations at all. The horse wanted lazy rides through the pasture and treats.

    She quickly discovered that horses were a lot of work. Wildfire ate up all of her free time. She had to coax her mother into a drive to the stables everyday or bike ride. She had to clean, feed and well, everything. She told me, "I HATE MY LITTLE PONY. Those stupid horses made me think owning a real horse would be fun.

    There was a happy ending. An older, small, but pudgy woman fell in love with Wildfire. She wanted a horse to hang out with and lazy rides in the pasture. They suited each other in every way. The last I heard was that Wildfire was doing well with his new caretaker.

  14. Is anyone else curious to hear what she thinks about pleasure horses? That’s one of the only equestrian discipline I haven’t heard her talk about…

  15. My mom made me do riding lessons for 3 years befor I got a pony and that pony was like the most calmest and most kid safe horse ever. After three years of learning and working with that pony I got my first horse because one I out grew the pony and two I needed a step up. So 6 years of riding and I have an advanced begginer- intermediate level horse who I will most likely stick with for the next three years befor I will get a higher level horse. My mom is an equestrian so that helped a bit. My friend who is not a horse person and I can tell, wants to buy a horse but she hasn't rode a horse properly ever. But wait it gets better she wants to buy a horse that is either a rescue or a stallion. She doesn't want to get help from a trainer because she says she can "handle" that type of horse. She says this because she has "rode" her cousins horse in a walk trot and canter so she can therefor handle a horse that needs work. How do I tell her that she should not get a horse yet? Oh p.s still have my first pony😁

  16. Why am i still watching this even tho i had been riding since i was 2 and had my own horses since i was 8

  17. Love this! Very helpful I think, especially for those who are going into college for Equine Science(according to myself). I'm very grateful that I have your videos in my life, without them I would have made a big mistake. <3

  18. I’m watching this after the live but I am FINALLY horse shopping for my first horse. I’m 26, been riding for 22 years and done various exams in riding and horse management etc…
    I’m scared because even though I’ve always had horses in my life, it’s a huge responsibility but, I want a best friend, who I can experience new stuff with and give an amazing life!
    Ideally looking to adopt or take on a ‘failed’ racer or hurdler and give them a happy life as part of my family!

  19. I got my horse when I was 10 and it was a bad idea now I am broke but my horse deserve the best life so I don’t regret it (I am not broke if I was I wold sell my horse)

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